Participating Pastors and Leaders, with many others NOT listed offering prayer:



Allan Parker - The Justice Foundation, Operation Outcry, The Moral Outcry Petition


KC DICKIE - The Mighty Men Movement "One million men praying!"

JUDGE VANCE DAY - Newly re-birthed Promise Keepers, Chief Operating Officer

LEE AVILES - Sacramento First Nations Christian Believers Fellowship, Pastor

THOMAS BUSH - Southern California Promise Keepers Leader

WES and DONNA BRISTOL - Writers, Directors. They will show new Movie Trailer for Chloe’s Mountain which we've prayed into at previous Conferences as it was being worked on...Now it's won awards, GLORY!
Brief video from Dr. Ted Baehr, Found of Movieguide with his Daughter Evy.


CAROLYN SUTY - Aglow International, Southwest Regional Director

HENRY FALANY - Pastor, Revivalist, Author of "God, Gold, Glory."

JAMES NESBIT - Prophetic Artist, "Justice on the Waters" assignment

ROBERT WOLFF, Founder of "Majestic Glory Ministries" sharing REASONS WHY the Church should support ISRAELwith prayers offered from other Jewish-Messianic Brethren...

Watch the 2019 ANNUAL


Shofars and Hand Drummers, Welcome, Worship, Communion, Offering, Repentance, Pro-Life segment with information and prayers followed with Government segment and rallying people to vote with more prayers offered by Pastors and Ministry Leaders for:
Children, Youth, Adoption, against Suicide, New Age focus, Foster Kids.
Reasons why the Church should stand with Israel with prayers by Messianic Jewish Brethren.
Inspiration and declarations for Californians, then lunch break.



Shofars and Opening Prayers, Worship, Promise Keepers, The Mighty Men Movement sharing God's Heart, rallying men to pray and bless women...women praying/blessing men.

Encouraging Word.
Men praying over women.
Hollywood focus with videos, updates, and prayers.
California Fire focus with prayers.
California's 58 Counties with PRAY CALIFORNIA County Prayer Leaders.

Arrival of three prophetic guest with their declarations and insight.


Upcoming Regional, State, and National Events that PRAY CALIFORNIA is involved with.
Prayers for UNITY amongst God's People.
Prayers for the Church.
Final thougts, Aaronic Blessing and closing JOY song!

*You may need to move your cursor to the beginning of each video/session

to hear Shofars, Drums, Welcome and Worship with Terry MacAlmon.

THANK YOU TO ALL who attended and/or prayed for us and this holy,

God-honoring gathering of His Precious People!

We believe MUCH was accomplished in the spirit for
God's Kingdom come to
ARISE in California and beyond!