Our Core Values...


PRAY CALIFORNIA is a 501c3 non-profit ministry devoted to

  • unify the Body of Christ throughout California by encouraging God-centered relationships

  • support, bless, and love one another

  • communicate shared visions among leaders

  • affirm the need for one another

  • corporately seek God's Kingdom come in California

  • mentor and raise up more intercessors, more watchmen

  • share the Truth, God's Word in love

  • watch, listen, and move into action as led by Holy Spirit.


  • is committed to encourage, empower, and build prayer leadership throughout California

  • host a weekly state-wide praise and prayer call which welcomes pastors, prayer and ministry leaders, and watchmen

  • seeks to connect the 58 California Counties via area coordinators and local prayer mobilization

  • blows the trumpet and sends out Prayer Alerts that need intercession, attention and action!

  • hosts one major Conference annually incorporating prayer, praise, testimonies, teachings, and spiritual warfare

  • links arms in support and prayerful intercession with other ministries, pastors, and leaders

  • believes we see in part and hear in part, and thus the 5-fold ministries operating together, in love and honor, is imperative to fulfilling God's destiny for California

  • stands with Israel. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and bless the land and her people!





Maryal Boumann - Director and Pro-Life and Church Unity focus

David Andrade - Legal Secretary
Trisha Phillips - Treasurer, Military Family focus, and Dance and Worship focus

Michael Phillips - Feasts and Israel focuses

Wolfgang Kovacek - Webmaster and Hollywood focus

Jonathan Gainsbrugh - Evangelist and Homeless focus

Linda Peck - Houses of Prayer and Young Adults focus
Diane Flaherty - Children and Youth focus  

Rosemary Schindler-Garlow - Our Israel Connection and Schindler's Ark Founder


Many on the PRAY CALIFORNIA BOARD of DIRECTORS are Pastors or Ordained Ministers that also direct or partner with other Ministries, including:

Resurrected Life Ministries, Carols at the Capitol, Operation Outcry, The Praycr Council, Chain Breakers Dance and Worship Team, Military Family Support Group, The Missionary Church International, Mom's In Prayer International, Aglow International, City Gates, City Prays, California Governor's Prayer Team, The Justice Foundation, The Moral Outcry, California Pro Life Council, Salt & Light Council, New Glory Ministries, Promise Keepers, The Mighty Men Movement, Prayer Surge NOW, Transform USA, Pray Assist, 24/7 NSP Call, Movieguide, Hollywood Prayer Network, 40 Days of Hope, Awaken the Dawn, Wilderness Like Eden, Breaker of Dawn, Billy Graham Evangelist Association, National Day of Prayer, City Pastors, Churches and Pastors across the State and beyond!

We seek to be GOD'S people dwelling TOGETHER according to His Word, in unity of heart and purpose which pleases Him!  -Psalm 133:1

Find out more about the 8 hubs in California, which lead to the creation of the following 8 regions in California......