You probably caught the prophetic inferences, things included in the logo that are very important to God, to us and to this Ministry:


  • It is placed on a Shield of FAITH. 

  • The State topographical map is green as we proclaim LIFE over our land, our state. 

  • Notice the (living) water falling down from the Glory Throne of God, and spreading....

  • See the golden Sword (Word) going throughout California.

  • The word PRAY is in white as we lift a banner of purity and righteousness up! 

  • The word CALIFORNIA is gold, God's Golden State. 

  • The warriors are assembled and ready for battle. 

  • The flag of Israel flies, prayerful mandates - Genesis 12:3, Psalm 122:16

  • And of course, the Shofar, calling Watchmen into position to PRAY, PRAISE, PROCLAIM! Nehemiah 4:20 

  • Artist James Nesbit captured our vision, listened to our ideas, and thus this logo was formed, born, and released June 2011! James' does amazing anointed prophetic work.
    His website is: https://jnesbit.com/