1. JOIN US on Pray California's weekly Wednesday 12:00 Noon Praise and Prayer Call!

Pastors, prayer leaders, worshipers, intercessors throughout the state (and some from other states) come together each week via phone to pray....

Please join us as we call watchmen to the wall...God says He will fight for us! (Nehemiah 4:20)
Participate or just listen...

        Call (712) 432-0075  Code: 5037802#

2. Become a Prayer Leader in your County
If you would like to pray with many others for this beautiful state of California and want to take a leadership position regarding prayer in your county, we encourage you to contact us and a member of Pray California will get back to you. 

It's easy! We ask that you send us a praise or two with two or three prayer focuses every four months. We want to stand with you as you bless and possess your region!

Click the "About" button at the top of the Home page or

Click to see which Counties are covered in prayer or open.

If you have any questions how you can become a Pray California COUNTY PRAYER LEADER please email Maryal: